We accept the following payment methods:
1. Recommended: Credit Card
2. Western Union
3. Paypal
4. AliExpress
The following references can guide you on how to use it to help you complete your order.


We can accept Visa card payment. All you need to do is add items to your cart and check out. You will find our credit card payment options. Safe, convenient and fast. You’ll know exactly how much we’ve charged you on your credit card statement. Visa cards are considered the primary payment method.

2. Western Union

We are happy to accept Western Union for most orders.
Western Union is a very easy and fast way to send and receive. We can understand that if this is the first time shopping from us, you will be worried about your order. We promise we will ship your items and you will love them.

3. Paypal

We can also accept Paypal payment, if you want to pay by paypal, you select Paypal when submitting the order, and submit the order, the customer service staff will send the Paypal bill to your email address

4. Aliexpress

If you do not have the above payment methods, you can choose to pay through Aliexpress, but you need to be clear that for the United States, Europe and other countries need to pay customs duties, the price you need to pay will exceed the product price because it includes customs duties. The U.S. tariff rate is between 0% and 37.5%, the average tariff rate is 5.63%, and the European tariff rate is 20% of the value of the goods